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M/S Kesharichand Bhanwarlall is a well-established trading house since 1965. It is an Authorized dealer to various reputed brands from India

It has a strong and experienced team to deliver best of service in the field. In cooperation with our channel partners we have a service network covering entire Nepal. With the motto “Solution First” we have built ourselves as a responsible and confident team.

our mission


Exceeding customer’s expectations by always being first to market with the best products and service. .The Company’s vision is to lead by transforming construction. We are passionate and committed towards a better future through our innovative product solution and viable systems, with special care towards environment and society.

our vision


Kesharichand Bhanwarlall is committed to ensure excellence in the quality of their products and services. We aim to be the best by delivering innovative industry-focused products and solutions with measurable business outcomes. We will assist and support our customers for their success. We consistently add value to construction and are committed to all our stakeholders.

our philospohy


Going beyond the expectation of our valued Clients. Creating a successful milieu of innovation and latest technology and ensuring nothing but excellence. Our approach is ‘green’ and ‘eco-friendly’, thus helping in providing healthy and durable solutions for our valued customers.

Message from Director

"First Thank you for taking the time to read this.The purpose of this message is to help you and get closer to us as an organization."


Welcome to Kesharichand Bhanwarlall website, which is developed to demonstrate excellence and to guide you to an understanding of our strengths and capacity as a leader in our business operations and services. Our strong client relationships have allowed us to build and establish good business opportunities and ventures providing us with a reasonable growth and credibility over the years.

Kesharichand Bhanwarlall believes that sustained investment in people and communities is our corporate responsibility and that it delivers tangible benefits to our business. Kesharichand bhanwarlall always strives to conduct business responsibly and ethically. Acting with integrity is at the core of our operational philosophy and we consider it key to managing our reputation as a leader in our industry.

As a company we Kesharichand Bhanwarlall is committed to our promise and is founded in our values of putting people first, recognizing we are better together, doing what is right and being driven to achieve. These values reflect who we are and how we conduct our business.

Today we are a company with a diverse portfolio of clients all over Nepal. Our core business objective is to be a top trustworthy company and be a successful partner providing innovative solution and service, satisfying with quality and excellence to all our clients.

As a company we are striving to sustain and build on the remarkable success which we have enjoyed over the glorious 50 years .The success of kesharichand Bhnawarlall is a successful story that would not be possible without the contribution of our customers and dedicated employees who have shared our incredible journey so far. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and I wholeheartedly welcome good business opportunities and any constructive feedback you may have.

Prashant Tater
Managing Director